When you’re starting a small business, it can be a confusing, uncomfortable, and isolating experience. It’s one that many people have gone through, though, and they’ve come out better for it. In our podcast, we interview small business owners and ask them how they build what they built.

Our goal couldn’t be simpler: share others’ stories to inspire you to write your own. We do this every other Monday on the Marketing is the Product podcast.

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Podcast: Shelli Tripp-Norvell on Mental Health, Identity, and Mindfulness

Shelli Tripp-Norvell is a Psychotherapist in Nashville, Tennessee. In this episode, Shelli walks us through her journey to becoming a therapist, as well as detailing various aspects of the journey that we go through to get “un-stuck”. 

Podcast: Chari Buckner on Running a Pet Crematory and Finding Meaning

Getting things started with the first episode of season two, we are joined by Chari from Faithful Friends Pet Crematory. Chari Buckner is the owner of Faithful Friends, working with countless pet owners to make sure that their pets are given a proper send-off. 

In this episode, we talk with Chari about what her business is, how she runs it, as well as how she handles the emotions of such a heavy job.

Podcast: Wrapping Up Season One

In this episode, we go over some of the changes that will be made heading into season 2 of the show, and highlight some of the best parts of season 1. We will be taking a short 6-8 week break to hone in on some areas of improvement, as well as record some new content, and we will be back mid March bringing you even better interviews!

Podcast: Kenny Goodman on 2020, Mindfulness, and Growing Your Business

Kenny owns and runs Overboard Games. He is now running a successful business that revolves around creating digital versions of games for board game publishers. If you are a long-time listener of the show, you might remember Kenny from one of the first episodes we recorded last year. Since then, a lot has happened in Kenny’s world, and we are here to find out all of the details.

Podcast: Celebrating the New Year and Our Resolutions for 2021

We did it – we made it through 2020! As we close the door on one of the most chaotic years in history, it is important to take the time to reflect on the good that 2020 did bring to us. This week, as we get started with our first episode of 2021, we will be giving our own year in review of sorts, as well as talking about New Year’s Resolutions.

Podcast: Small Business & The World’s Weirdest Holiday Season

As 2020 comes to a close, we wanted to offer up this last podcast as one final reflection of this year. The year 2020 has been one of the most challenging years for all of us to date. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been faced with challenge after challenge, yet, we have pushed through them all.

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Podcast: Jamison Colston on Car Detailing, Philosophy & Taekwondo

Without hyperbole, Pierson and I can say that Jamison Colston is one of the most well-rounded people we have ever met. Jamison owns and runs Scenic City Mobile Detailing. He’s a real estate investor, fitness model, men’s counselor, a taekwondo black belt, and a student of philosophy. He’s a Renaissance man in the true meaning of the phrase. Oh, and he’s 26.

Podcast: Introducing Weird Marketing Lessons

In this episode, we talk about why we’re wrapping those series up and replacing them with something stranger instead. Gone are the days of “How Coronavirus Will Affect the Retail Industry.” On the horizon, you can expect more articles like “What the MMA Fight Island Taught Me About Business Continuity.”

Podcast: The Ups and Downs of Starting a Business

Are you thinking about starting a business, but want to know what you’re getting into? If so, this podcast is for you! This week, we talk extensively about the ups and downs of running a business.

Podcast: Don’t Quit Your Day Job

This week, we talk extensively about the pros and cons of quitting or not quitting your day job. Brandon Rollins, Pangea Marketing Agency’s founder and CEO, walks us through his journey to starting his own business, all while maintaining his full-time job.

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Podcast: Ryan Lowthian on Starting an Original Apparel Brand on Shopify

Ryan runs and owns Leviathan Clothing. It’s a brand new clothing store on Shopify whose mission is to make unique clothes with an unconventional aesthetic. Translation: imagine bright colors and ornate design inspired by Japanese street art.

Podcast: Overboard Games on Making Digital Versions of Board Games

Imagine that you’re creating a board game right now. Unfortunately, you can’t gather a crowd of people at your house to test it out, and all the conventions are cancelled. But there is still one way you can play with your friends: Tabletop Simulator.

20 Real Marketing Questions, Answered

Marketing can be incredibly confusing. That’s why we ask people to send us their hard questions when entering our biweekly giveaways. In this podcast, we answer 20 real marketing questions!

Christopher and English on Tattoos, Art, Business, and Marriage

In this podcast, we talk about many subjects: the art of tattooing and the long journey to competence, the effects of coronavirus on tattoo parlors, and how to keep a healthy marriage when working in a small business.

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On CBD, the Emerging Industry

Be Green is the largest CBD shop in Chattanooga. Tune into this podcast to find out how Sam dispels rumors, keeps her clients safe, and maintains trust.

Marketing is the Product Podcast: Tabletop Game Design & UX

Good marketing comes down to creating great experiences for your customers. This is known as UX, or user experience. In this week’s episode, we’ve brought on Sean Fallon, longtime UX consultant and owner of Smunchy Games.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is one of the most misunderstood disciplines. A lot of people think that it’s about pushiness, hard selling, and sleazy ads. In reality, though, it’s all about figuring out what people want and finding ways to give it to them.

Who We Are & What We’re Doing

Starting today, we have launched a brand new podcast. The goal is simple: find small business owners and ask them how they built their businesses. By sharing others’ stories, we hope to inspire and encourage you, especially in this strange time.

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